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Are you interested in becoming an RBT®? We're here to help! This hands-on, in-person training program is designed to build your foundational knowledge and competency to pass the RBT® Competency Assessment. 


Training sessions are supervised by a BCBA® and may be delivered by a designated RBT® Coordinator at our teaching clinic in Hinesville, GA. 


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This hands-on training does not include the 40-hour classroom training required by the BACB® to meet RBT credential requirements. This is supplementary training with competency assessment administration.

RBT® Training

$295.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • You get 

    🎉 4 (60 min) In-Person Training Sessions

    🎉 Real-Time Feedback

    🎉 1:1 Individualized Instruction from BCBA® or RBT® Coordinator

    🎉 1 (30 min) Study Prep Session

    🎉 1 Administration of the RBT® Competency Assessment

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