Refocus Behavior

Our Mission

At Refocus Behavior, we believe in empowering others to achieve their goals.

Our Promise

We promise to provide a customized plan for every individual based on personal or professional ambitions.

Our vision

Refocus Behavior envisions a group of parents, professionals and resources that come together to form a supportive community for each other.

Our Vibe

At Refocus Behavior, we reach our goals with optimism, determination, and humor in a collaborative and energetic environment.


Bee Better.

Who We Serve


We provide ABA Therapy to children, with autism and related diagnoses, ages of 2-17 in a fun & energetic one-on-one setting.


We provide parent training & family support to families looking for help in every day life.


Our military roots run deep at Refocus Behavior & we know the importance of building a strong support system for your family. Because of that we exclusively serve military & veteran families.

Seasoned professionals, rookies or those looking to join the field of Applied Behavior Analysis can find training, supervision, continuing education credits and mentorship. 

ABA Therapy

We offer Applied Behavior Analysis services to children with special needs in a one-on-one setting. Our individualized programs target shaping up functional skills in the areas of communication, social, and adaptive skills. We believe learning should be fun! Identifying the motivation of our kids and cultivating a positive environment that fosters a passion for knowledge is at the center of every session. Our goal is for all children to gain the skill set they need to be successful in their everyday lives!


“I think the most important result in our case was that bumbles can not just copy others but can improve upon what they are learning.”

                                       - Olli Loukola

In his research, Olli Loukola taught bees to move a ball into the center of a platform to receive a reward of sugar by demonstrating how to move the ball with a fake bee attached to a stick.  The bees were able to complete the puzzle after just one demonstration. He additionally discovered the bees then quickly trained new bees to complete the puzzle and the new bees improved on the process! 

Aligning with our mission, promise, and vision for Refocus Behavior, we believe that just like the bees in Loukola's research we each can learn from one another and have the opportunity to improve upon what is taught.  We want to empower everyone we meet to not only achieve their own goals, but to share their journey with others and to empower others to improve as well!