Applied Behavior Analysis

We offer Applied Behavior Analysis services to children with special needs in a one-on-one setting. Our individualized programs target shaping up functional skills in the areas of communication, social, and adaptive skills. 


Our BCBAs have over 20 years of combined experience in Behavior Analysis specializing in early intervention and children with Autism. Providing a family-focused treatment approach we strive to make measurable, impactful change that makes daily life fun and fulfilling.


We believe learning should be fun! Identifying motivation of our kids and cultivating a positive environment that fosters a passion for knowledge is at the center of every session. Our goal is for all children to gain the skill set they need to be successful in their everyday lives!

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Why is ABA the right choice for your family?

  • Effective - the only evidence based treatment endorsed by the United States Surgeon General and American Psychological Association for children with ASD

  • Personalized - fully customized to the individual regardless of demographic or diagnosis

  • Applicable - used to teach skills that are relevant to everyday life

  • Flexible - can be used one-on-one or in a group setting

  • Practical - parents, teachers, and other therapists can learn how to apply these skills in their own settings

At Refocus Behavior we use Applied Behavior Analysis because it is a proven clinical practice that yields remarkable results for children and families. ABA is the science that centers on behavioral principles that describe how learning develops. ABA focuses on building socially significant behaviors in an individuals natural environment and everyday life. It is a process of defining target behaviors, recording behavioral data, analyzing data, and developing treatment plans.    


ABA is:

Initial Meeting

Beginning with our first interaction, you'll have a seamless experience that begins with us learning more about your child and family. We will ensure we're the proper fit for your family and begin walking you through the process of gathering documents needed to obtain an authorization for treatment.


Once we have obtained authorization from your insurance provider we will schedule an assessment with one of our BCBAs to observe and assess your child's skills. During this time, you can also ask us any questions you may have!

Report and Recommendations

Following the assessment, our BCBA will begin writing a report with our recommendations. The report will be submitted to your insurance provider with a request to begin treatment. 

Begin Treatment

After approval from your insurance provider, we will discuss our treatment recommendations and services can begin immediately. Every 6 months or as needed, we will re-evaluation and write an updated progress report.