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The Unpopular Story

Throughout my career in Behavior Analysis, I sometimes faced common challenges in the field that conflicted with my values. For the sake of popularity and comfort, I haven't always leaned into my values when I should have. Instead, I sometimes leaned away. I followed the "expectation" while silently questioning why we see this differently. How have our individual learning histories led us to our perspectives? Wanting to learn more and understand how our learning experiences shape our behaviors in the form of a belief system, I conceptualized The Unpopular Conference. This conference is about digging into those uncomfortable, often unpopular topics within Behavior Analysis & Organizational Leadership. 

If this resonates with you, check it out  and join the conversation on October 7th in Savannah, GA! 🍑

Dr. Jamie 

In-person, Virtual, & Hybrid Registrations Available

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